Panel Discussion: Where is the Contemporary Hungarian Art? Fish out of water?

Do 14.06.
17.00-18.30, Safe
FURTHER INFO | Talk about Hungarian contemporary art, personal and professional tributes, with brief debates. BEFORE THE TALKS | some details from the video which was filmed in 2011: „The art fairs bridging the gap between the market and cultural production.“ (Francesco Manacorda, Artissima Art Fair, director – Torino, Italy. Jennifer Flay, – Fiac, director – Paris, France Amanda Coulson, – VOLTA director untill 2011; Silvia Evangelisti – Bologna Art First director – Italy.)
SPEAKERS | Ani Molnár, The president of the Association of Hungarian Contemporary Art Galleries, and owner of Molnár Ani Gallery; Attila Ledényi, Director, Art Market Budapest international art fair; Carl Kostyal, Collector; Erika Deák, Gallery owner; Imre Balogh, Art Collector; Zsolt Bodoni, Artist;
 MODERATOR | Fanni Fazekas, BoH Art project manager.