Konzert – States of Being

Do / 20:00 - 21:30 Uhr

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Konzert – States of Being





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A solo 60-minute performance for a soloist on tenor and baritone saxophone, build on two new commissioned works by Swiss-based female composers Eleni Ralli and Anna Sowa. The concert will include elements of fixed compositions elaborating on musical flow, movement, speech, poetry, visuals, light, electronics and song.

All consciousness ebbs and flows. Like waves, the states of being turn in an unending dance of mood, emotion, and thought. A consciousness can at one moment be at ease and calm but in a volutoptious, violent wave become a tsunami of mania and hysteria. States of Being explores the sonic and visual aspect of this integral part of life. Combining musical works with extra-sensory experiences – visual, dance, movement, speech, and song – the concept is to bring life to the subconscious and conscious of our minds. Each concert work explores, on its own, a different facet of being – from the poetic to the hidden monster within to the darkest depths of grief. In this way, the human experience is given space to be what it is without pretension nor without holding back. It is only then that we understand what it is to be human. Including both musical and non-musical elements that were gathered and compiled by the solo performer, these short discourses are aimed at enhancing the link between the perceptual understanding of the musical works with realtime visual creation. These segments of transdisciplinary discourses are essential and binding which link the subsequent parts of the program together. Technical material such as loudspeakers and screen projectors will be used either as a fixed part of the works or to reinforce audiovisual perception.


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