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Zone expérimentale plays Mezz Gacano 

froKa” (2012) for ensemble synthesizer and rock band

Di 15.01.2013 im Safe

zone expérimentale – Ensemble of the Masters of Arts program in Contemporary Music at the University of Music Basel/Switzerland (Hochschule für Musik Basel) – a group of extraordinary students chosen for their artistry and virtuosity in performance.

zone expérimentale is not a classic ensemble, but a space of discovery for the players, as well as for the audience.

The focus is on discovery of different and varying aesthetical fields of contemporary musical expression, but also of the art of the fathers and mothers of todays music. Chamber music programms change with installative work or improvisational perspectives. Programms of the group contain from solo pieces to ensemble pieces (up to a maximum of sixteen players).

Froka” is a new production of Zone Expérimentale. It is a cutting edge long work in different music styles, a furious zapping between contemporary music, Hard-rock and free jazz.

The music is composed, working together with ensemble members, by Mezz Gacano, an italian outsider musician who’s exploring all possible sub-genres of underground music cultures and wildly mixing them together. The organic of the piece includes a rock quartet (two electric guitars, electric bass and drum kit) and synthesizer in dialogue with an acoustic informal ensemble composed by microtonal flutes, sax, violin, viola da gamba, Accordeon, Harp, Hackbrett and percussions.

Contemporary music meets art-rock !

Teresa Carrasco: Artistic Director // Chaotic.Moebius
Plattform for New & Experimental Music
Basel [CH]