Facts and Figures of unternehmen mitte as of 2013


Gastronomy Revenue: 3.7 million CHF

Number of effective work hours as hosts: 42’272

Number of guests per day: 1000

Coffee processing per year in tons: 3.2

This equates to a coffee plantation with about 650 coffee trees.

Employees: 91

Number of coffee drinks sold per year: 240’000

Of which are Latte Macchiatos: 59’000

Cows for milk used in the coffeehouse: 7

Usage of toilet paper per year: 10’000 rolls

Registered payments 2013: 8069

Baristas trained in the Kaffee Akademie: 239

Number of events and meetings 2013: 1200

Rented co-working spaces: 100


Gerbergasse 30

Year of construction of the bank building: 1912

Usable space: 4000 m2

Site area: 1008m2

Floors: 5

Children born in-house: 4