New Business Models – Non-Profit Status

unternehmen mitte also represents new business models. Founded as a private limited company in 1998, the undertaking distinguishes itself as a new form of non-profit status. This status is comprised of two principles:

1. The owners of the private limited company do not partake in the profit earnings.
They may not privatise profit earnings. Additionally, the owners themselves are obligatorily active managing directors. Thus, the profit earnings remain bound with the business objectives, and the ownership cannot be separated from the entrepreneurship.

2. Should an owner leave the business, he may not claim his ownership as a valued asset.
He may resign from the company, only nominally, with his share value. This is – in comparison to the value of the company as a whole – much less, thereby keeping the company’s objectives targeted not towards profit maximisation but rather towards the development of meaningful purpose.

With these two principles, it is possible to achieve a transparent motivation: The work itself is the motive, not the money. Consequently, increased quality is attained in the business. This principle of free motivation is also extended to the guests. They may freely stay in the house, without any obligation to consume product. Initially, many believed this was “a foolish business model.” Nevertheless, it has been the foundation of our success.

He who is not forced to, has the freedom to.